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Every year a group of 4th phase medical students are attached to the practice to follow a pregnant lady through the last few weeks of her ptregnancy and see her after the birth. This is always a valuable experience for the students as many of these young people have not had the experience of talking to a pregnant woman and understanding the process and what is entailed in ante-natal care, the delivery and post-natal care. Also, just as importantly how it affects the life of the pregnant woman and her life. I am always grateful to the pregnant women who kindly partipate in this project.

Alongside this assignment they are required to carry out a Health Promotion study. This involves looking at an aspect of medicine which they research and often find a way of producing data eg by written questionnaire or patient and/or health professional interviews. This is a compulsory part of their studies and they are then required to formally present their findings and usually produce a result in the form of an education leaflet or a recommendation for increased patient awareness.

This year all the studies were of a high standard and gave us important insights into particular aspects of health care. I am publishing one example by permission of the students involved. One student was concerned that her younger 15 year old brother had not been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. With her colleagues she researched the topic and then was able to send out a questionnaire out to parents of that age group to find out how many of these teenagers were affected. Following this they devised a leaflet explaining the importance of the MMR vaccine and distributed it to the relevant parents. We will be distributing their leaflet to our teenagers in the practice where there is no record of vaccination so that they can be seen to receive the appropriate vaccine.

They created the poster below to illustrate their study



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