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As a child I can never remember being taken to the doctor or calling a doctor out unless it was something very serious such as tonsillitis or my mother having pneumonia or my father having a burst ulcer.Every year, millions of us visit our GP with minor health problems that our local pharmacist could resolve.

It is estimated that every year, 50 million visits to the GP are made for minor ailments such as coughs and colds, mild eczema and athlete’s foot.
But by visiting your pharmacy instead, you could save yourself time and trouble.
Instead of booking and waiting for a GP appointment, you can visit your local pharmacist any time – just walk in.

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All pharmacists can recognise many common health complaints.

They can give advice or where appropriate medicine(s) that will help clear up the problem.

ÎIf your problem is more serious and needs the attention of a GP, your pharmacist will recognise this and advise you to see your GP instead.
What’s more, many pharmacies are open in the evenings and on the weekends.
If everybody went to a pharmacist with common health problems, more time would be freed up for our GPs. This might make it easier to get a convenient appointment with your GP next time you need one.
So, if you have a common health problem, a trip to your local pharmacy is an option.


  • With this in mind the Ealing Community Commissioning Group ( ECCG) have created the Minor ailments Service to allow patients to access treatment for various minor ailments from their local pharmacy.
  • Instead of booking an appointment with your GP you can receive a free consultation with your pharmacist who is a registered health care professional.
  • If you normally receive free prescriptions then your treatments will be free.
  • If you pay for your prescriptions you will not be charged more than the retail cost of the item.

If  it is necessary they will refer you to another health care professional – using this service does not affect your access to other services.


Anyone who is registered with a GP practice withe the Ealing CCG ( although other CCG throughout the country have adopted similar schemes)

To provide proof or registration you must provide ONE of the following:-

  •   leaflet stamped by your GP practice 
  •   repeat section of a prescription that states the name and address of your GP practice
  •   an NHS card
  •   child health red book with details of GP practice

You will then be given a Minor Ailments Passport  by the pharmacist which is used to record up to FIVE visits. You can hold on to this and take it to any pharmacy for treatment. When this is completed you can give it back to the pharmacist and can be given another one for further treatments.

Some age groups and people with additional conditions may not be able to receive treatment under this scheme – the pharmacist will discuss this with you and signpost you to an appropriate  health care professional.


If you are suffering from any of the conditions below you may be able to obtain treatment:-

* ATHLETES FOOT                                                       * INSECT BITES/ STINGS

* CONJUNCTIVITIS ( Bacterial)                                   * MOUTH ULCERS

* CONSTIPATION                                                          * MUSCULAR -SKELETAL PAIN, SPRAINS/ STRAINS

* CONTACT DERMATITIS                                             * NAPPY RASH

* CYSTITIS                                                                     * NASAL CONGESTION 

* DIARRHOEA                                                                * SCABIES

* EAR  WAX                                                                    * SORE THROAT

* FEVER                                                                          * TEETHING 

* HAY FEVER                                                                 * THREADWORMS 

* HEAD LICE                                                                  * VAGINAL THRUSH

* HEARTBURN / INDIGESTION                                    * WARTS/ VERRUCAE


The following pharmacists in the local Ealing area have signed up for the Minor Ailments Service. 


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