25 Mar


Something I feel passionate about is the importance of vaccination especially childhood vaccine s which provide vital immunisation against major threatening diseases.

I have during my medical career witnessed the suffering and in many cases deaths relating to these infectious  diseases.

I have seen the terror in the eyes of people dying with tetanus, the demise of children with measles the congenital abnormality ( heart defects and delayed development) acquired as an effect of German Measles(Rubella) in the unborn child, infertility as are a result of mumps, the longstanding mobility handicaps following polio aswell as the agonising death from meningitis. I remember one of our patients, a fit healthy lady in early pregnancy contracting pneumococcal pneumonia and was on life- support machine for 5 weeks, fortunately with excellent medical care at Ealing Hospital she survived but sadly had a miscarriage.

We now provide immunisation for these infections. 

During the ‘swine flu’ epidemic the intensive care units of all the local hospitals each had several pregnant women fighting for their lives because they had contracted swine flu. This is why we which now offer vaccination to all pregnant women after

However, there will always be those around us who for one reason or another, they may be taking steroids or receiving chemotherapy or for some reason have poor immunity and need as many people around them to be vaccinated and become immunised against a specific infectious disease  so that they can be protected from the disease – herd immunity.


The TED talk above given by Romina Libster albeit in Spanish with English subtitles is delivered with the same sentiment and echoes how I feel about the importance of vaccination.

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