07 Feb

Watch outDuring the last week I have been aware of 4 patients who have been sent fines for out of date prescription exemption certificates

If you suffer from one of the specified medical conditions you are eligible to hold a valid medical exemption certificate.


Medical exemption certificates are issued on application to people who have:

  • a permanent fistula (for example caecostomy, colostomy, laryngostomy or ileostomy) requiring continuous surgical dressing or requiring an appliance

  • a form of hypoadrenalism (for example Addison’s disease) for which specific substitution therapy is essential

  • diabetes insipidus or other forms of hypopituitarism

  • diabetes mellitus, except where treatment is by diet alone

  • hypoparathyroidism

  • myasthenia gravis

  • myxoedema (that is, hypothyroidism requiring thyroid hormone replacement)

  • epilepsy requiring continuous anticonvulsive therapy

  • a continuing physical disability which means the person cannot go out without the help of another person.

    (Temporary disabilities do not count even if they last for several months)

  • Or are undergoing treatment for cancer:
    including the effects of cancer, 
    or the effects of current or previous cancer treatment.


    When you visit the pharmacist it is important you show the certificate   when handing in the prescription. The pharmacist wil then indicate in the appropriate place that they have seen the certificate. If this box is not completed there is strong possibility that the business prescribing authorities will check their records and if the certificate is out of date you will be issued a fine.

    The letters I have seen show the fine is £50 for not possessing an up to date certificate.

    This can be appealed and may be waived if you are receiving income support. 

    How to apply for a medical exemption certificate

To apply for a medical exemption certificate ask your doctor for an FP92A form. Your GP, hospital or service doctor will sign the form to confirm that your statement is correct. You will also be given a pre-paid envelope. At your GP’s discretion, a member of the practice who has access to your medical records can also sign the form.

Your certificate will be valid from one month before the date that the NHS Business Authrority receives the application form.

The MedEx lasts for five years and then needs to be renewed. You may receive a reminder that your certificate needs to be renewed. If you don’t receive a reminder, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is renewed.

The certificate covers all prescription charges. Further details can be obtained from the following website:-

if you want more information about prescription costs including pre-payment certificates if is available on the following website:-

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