01 Feb
  • imageAs temperatures fall and there are threats of snow we are all aware that our heating bills will rise  but you yourself or there may be others living near you who will be struggling financially or are ill prepared for the cold weather and this will be detrimental to their health.

  • Are you aware of the appropriate healthy temperature in your home? Ealing Council provide these thermometers.

Thermometer COSIE

 Stay warm

Save energy

The COSIE project, Cold Weather Support in Ealing, aims to help counteract the threat of deaths and hospital admissions during the winter months. Do you know someone who needs its help?

It offers advice, help and support for vulnerable people whose health may be affected by cold homes. The project is running on a first come, first served basis from February to the end of April, as long as funds last. In Ealing it is being managed by the council’s sustainability team.

Sustainability officer Janet Rudge said: “An estimated 14,500 households in Ealing are ‘fuel poor’, meaning they cannot afford to adequately heat their homes. The COSIE programme targets those who are particularly vulnerable to ill health as a consequence of cold homes. Good energy advice can help people to save energy and money, keep warmer and help them access support available to improve their homes and avoid fuel debt.”

You can refer anyone who you consider to be vulnerable in one or more of the following categories:

*More than 75 years old on pension benefits.

*People < 75years old with disabilities or long term conditions.

*People on low income (in receipt of income-related benefits), including those with young children < 5years of age.

*People whose health is threatened by poor heating conditions – or leaving hospital to return to a poorly heated home (in receipt of income-related benefits, or discretionary for emergency situations).

You can call the COSIE referral line

(0800 083 2265 – available from 9.39am until 5.30pm)

to discuss eligibility and if appropriate to arrange a home visit from a qualified energy advisor, the Green Doctor. Applications can also be made on- line



Qualifying residents could also benefit from free home visits by ‘Green Doctors’ who can offer tailored energy advice and support, including winter warmth packs with home and personal heating accessories such as fleece blankets, thermal socks and flasks. Energy saving measures, such as draught-proofing, low energy light bulbs and reflective radiator panels could also be provided.


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