10 Jan


Primary care plays a vital role in our health and social care system. Good primary care can play a significant role in improving the quality of people’s lives, including those of the older people; people with long-term conditions; new mothers; children and young people and people with mental health issues. We as GP’s nwork with others in the health and social care system to keep people well and are a trusted source of information and advice, often being the first port of call for those in need of care. Crucially, we are the central coordination point for the care of people who move between hospitals, care homes, care in the home and community health services.j

Dr Livingston and myself are passionate about our work as GP’s and between us have worked for >60 years in Prima.ry Care. At 102 The Avenue we have a dedicated, multidisciplinary team who are keen to provide high quality personal health care, attending to our patients needs by acting with integrity and complete confidentiality in a courteous, approachable, amicable and accommodating manner.  We are always willing not only to accept praise but also constructive criticism so that our service remains patient centred. All members of our team are committed to participating in ongoing training and learning to maintain an up to date high standard of care. We particate in events with other Primary Health Care Teams in our network and Commisioning Group so that we can remain in tune with what is happening in the local and national scene and benefit from initiatives that may improve services for our patients.

imageThe Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England.

They have set out a new vision and direction for the Care Quality Commission in their Strategy for 2013- 2016, Raising standards and putting people first and in their recent consultation A new start, which proposes radical changes to the way they regulate health and social care services.

                             We have been randomly selected to undergo an inspection on Tuesday



*A team of inspectors will spend a day at the surgery and during that time will interview the staff and a selection of patients.

* They will also read comments which patients will have completed on specific cards available at the surgery prior to the inspection.

The five key questions they need to ask and obtain evidence from many sources including directly from patients are:-

Is the quality of care





further information :


The overall table of events:-




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