Prescription for disaster

23 Jun

When I was handed this book by Candace Lafleur I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. We are so used to hearing the negative aspects of the NHS that as doctors we dread to hear let alone read comments from patients. But as I read this book I laughed and I cried but was moved by her gratitude to the NHS. As an NHS doctor I recognised so many of the scenarios and it is patients like Candace that inspire us, humble us and help us to cope with the sadness and despair it can sometimes bring.
Thank you, Candace for this ‘good read’

This is not a book about a disease itself, nor does it have any ‘woe is me’ or forced epiphanies on the meaning of life and health. It’s a book about sobbing student nurses wielding sharp needles, falling hospital elevators, having to be surgically removed from your own sweater for an X-ray and support group brawls. About getting my whole family pulled off into a cement bunker at British customs for being more radioactive than a truck full of Russian nails. It’s about sneaking nachos into the hospital at seven in the morning and making sweet, sweet love to the back of a parked taxi while having a stroke. This is a book about laughing and joyfully embracing the bizarre and the truly funny side of being ridiculously, incurably diseased. So sit back, take a hit of your oxygen tank and get ready to laugh at the funny side of falling apart. At the very least you’ll never look at a bed pan or an IV pole the same way again.

She writes as a patient suffering from a rare disease called Sarcoidosis (pronounced SAR-COY-DOE-SIS) is an inflammatory disease that can affect almost any organ in the body. This causes an increase in immunity. It causes a persons immune system to overreact when fighting an infection, (or imaginary infection). This then creates inflammation which then results in it damaging the persons own body tissue.

The classic feature of Sarcoidosis is the formation of Granulomas. These are microscopic clumps of inflammatory cells that group together. When too many of them form in a body organ they can interfere with how that organ functions on a day to day basis..
Little is known about who is susceptible to this disease and what causes it.
To read more about this condition refer to

Candace is part of an international forum which she highly recommends and finds it supportive, informative and can even share her humour with other people with Sarcoidosis. To join click on the following link


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