25 May

Have you ever been to a car boot sale and bought a random article that seemed like a good idea at the time?

I went to the French equivalent a ‘Vide-Grenier ‘ which literally means empty attic and came home with an enamel jug which I thought might be useful for watering my outside pots and tubs


This seemed a good idea and about a week ago after planting my geraniums on the set day in France May 14th I decided to use my jug to water them. Luckily I looked inside before filling it and low and behold I saw at the bottom a clutch of eggs in a beautifully made nest. Later that day we watched whilst a coal tit flew into the jug I was able to get a quick photo…
Now she had laid several clutches so that the total was 9 eggs and now she was dutifully spreading her warm body over them to incubate them. Interestingly two other tits at least one was a blue tit flew back and forth to nourish her carrying food obtaining from the nearby trees. After about 10 days I noticed the mother tit fly out and peeping inside my eyes met the amazing sight of a row of wide open beaks expecting their next meal and I couldn’t resist sharing the video:-

It was only days later that I was aware the birds had flown and just one unhatched egg was left. How they got out where they went I do not know….
I thought now I could have my jug back but that was not to be as another this time a blue tit had laid more eggs!
My carefully placed nesting boxes were still for rent but the jug was remaining fully occupied!


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