22 Jan

Last year I wrote about Dengue Fever
and this blog was visited by many readers.
dengue fever
Last weekend I was working in West Middlesex in the PCC at the weekend and a mother came in with her sick child and was very worried as she had just returned from Malaysia and Dengue fever was rife. Her child had a high fever and was very unwell and needed to be referred to the paediatricians promptly.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Deaths from dengue in Malaysia shot up last year, doubling that of 2012, as the tropical country battles with a raging mosquito-borne virus that claims hundreds of lives annually in Southeast Asia.

Four patients — three women and one man — died in the week ending Dec. 21, leaving 88 dead in Malaysia in the first 51 weeks of this year. In 2012, 35 people died in Malaysia of dengue, data from the Ministry of Health show.
Malaysia suffered the worst dengue bout on record in 2010, when 134 people died and 46,171 cases were reported. In 2011, 36 people died in Malaysia, with 19,884 people infected.

As of Dec. 21, dengue cases totaled 41,226 , nearly doubling from 21,444 cases in same period in 2012.

“As long as infection and outbreak of dengue fever continues, the risk of death remains,” said Lokman Hakim, deputy director general at Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.

The virus, which is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, causes severe fever, headaches, rashes and muscle and joint pain. Severe forms can cause hemorrhagic fever. No vaccine is currently available, and treatment is largely limited to intravenous rehydration.
Dengue fever
Selangor state, which borders the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, has been hit the hardest, reporting 24 deaths, the Ministry said. The southern state of Johor that borders Singapore, has recorded 21 fatalities.

Selangor is home to 88 of the 89 dengue “hotspots,” or areas that have witnessed a jump in outbreaks, with Negeri Sembilan accounting for the other.

refer to the previous blog  for further links and advice.

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