19 Jan

Last year when I read the article written by researchers who worked with elderly residents at a US care home claiming that vociferously singing of classic numbers from hit musicals can boost the brain function of people with Alzheimer’s disease, I was delighted to hear this as I have always felt that singing and dancing with gusto are great for morale but now an added bonus if it boosts brain function. Also I was thrilled to know that my children and grandchildren will be encouraging me to sing Abba songs for the rest of my life! Singing Singing for brainOver a four-month study, the mental performance of patients who took part in regular group singing sessions improved compared with others who just listened. The sessions appeared to have the most striking effect on people with moderate to severe dementia, with patients scoring higher on cognitive and drawing tests, and also on a satisfaction-with-life questionnaire at the end of the study. Hence. When I met up with a doctor colleague I had not seen for years and told me she was playing the piano for people with Dementia and she wanted to spread the word I thought it made a good idea for a blog! The details are below:- image


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  1. calmalive

    February 2, 2014 at 10:54 pm

    Hello and thank you for following my blog. I have started to read yours too and am enjoying many of your posts. This one is great! Best wishes.


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