07 Oct

When I noticed that I knew two of the young runners had done so well in completing the Mini-Marathon and raised money for such a good cause I asked if they were let me publish their photo and comments and was delighted to receive the following:-


Words from the boys 

I decided to run the Ealing mini mile because running is one of my favourite sports. I trained in Pitshanger Park with my mum. I came 3rd out of 177 runners so I was pleased. Together with my brother Roko I raised £185 for the Winnicott Foundation which provides money for neo-natal intensive care units for premature babies. We chose the charity because our baby brother Arlo was born prematurely and was looked after in intensive care.

Milo Choudhry, age 10.

I wanted to run in the Ealing mini mile because last year I watched my mum running in the Ealing Half Marathon and thought it would be good fun to join in. I’ve never run in a race before so I was a bit nervous but it was really good fun on the day running with all the other children. Before the event there was a competition in my school to design a t shirt to be given to all the children along with their medal. I was really excited because I won and I saw everyone wearing my t shirt design at the end of the race.
Roko Choudhry, age 7.

Well done, boys. I am sure this will encourage other children and adults to make the effort. Start training now!!


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