29 Jul

Since I have let out  the secret concerning the dragons in the garden I have been asking the Dragon experts (children < 4yrs) a little more about what they see and the general consensus is that the most visible dragons are pink, blue or purple. I was a little surprised as I had not seen any of these.

The other evening I was sitting quietly finishing off my paperwork and there was a knock on the window – yes you are right it was Denis and who was with him but a PINK dragon. I was a bit surprised and opened the door to meet his companion. ” This is my friend Polly. I haven’t seen her for ages but she called around and asked if I knew a doctor who wasn’t frightened of Dragons and could see her and I thought you would just the doctor,”said Denis.


“Do come in and tell me what the  problem is” I said
Polly started to cry real dragon tears, ” I have lost all my dragon scales and I can’t stop scratching as my skin is so…..oo  itchy and now none of my friends  want to play with  me except Denis”
“Oh Polly don’t be too sad  I am sure I can help you.”  I looked carefully at her skin and the worst patches were behind her knees  and elbows and in other creases including under her chin.  “Doctors  call this  eczema which is sometimes caused by allergy  but often we don’t  know why. We must try and help you but you will have to listen very carefully and do what I say:-
Firstly you will have to stop using soaps, bubble baths or anything like that.
Then I will give you some special soft Dragon cream ( an emollient  such as Ultrabase, Diprobase, Dermol , Epaderm or Cetraban ) which comes either in a big pot or a bottle with a pump. It is VERY important that you don’t put your claws in the pot because if you do you will get germs in the cream and cream with germs in will make your skin much worse especially as the skin is so cracked. It is your cream and it is only you ,Polly that can use it so, Denis you cannot share it. Perhaps you could put a sticker on pot with your name on.

If you have a pot you can use the handle of a spoon or spatula to scoop it out and put on your skin. You will need help from your mummy to put it on the places you can’t reach. Always put the dragon cream on in the direction of tour scales( in humans the direction of the hair) and don’t rub up and down because it will make you itch more. Perhaps you can play some quiet music or watch one of your favourite videos whilst she does it just something to make you feel calm and happy.

You must put this cream over the whole body and use plenty of it and do this 3 or even 4 times a day. If you feel itchy put some more on and perhaps you can have a small tube or pot to put on by yourself.
Also you can use this as a soap and in the shower or bath. (Eczema fact sheet

The next very important thing is TAP don’t SCRATCH so that this skin doesn’t break and become very sore. To remind you I will teach you a song.
imageSing after me:

( post man pat tune)

Tap don’t scratch , tap don’t scratch,
tap don’t scratch with an Itchy feeling
all the dragons singiing
And the itch is healing
And Polly is a really happy dragon
Now I have also noticed that some of the patches are very very bad so I am going to give you some SPECIAL DRAGON CREAM (steroid cream) in a smaller tube. This cream you must use very carefully only putting on small amounts twice a day and stop when the patch looks better.
If you follow this you will find that gradually your skin will get better and be softer and back to green just like  your mummy’s and Denis’s skin.
Take this paper(prescription ) to the pharmacy and come  back next week to tell me how you are getting on. “
Then Denis and Polly turned around and hand in hand danced down the garden singing their new song………

For more information about eczema:


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