Work Experience

19 Jul

imageOne of the aspects of being a doctor that I have enjoyed during my career has been the opportunity to teach medical students and be supportive of younger doctors. I have also enjoyed having students from our local schools to work with us in the surgery helping with admin and office work as a work experience.The first student who came 14 years ago when most GP’s were cautious about allowing school students to be in the surgery. She was a friend of my daughters and I had known her for several years as she had come back after school for tea and been on sleepovers! I said she could come to the surgery but warned her that it was totally confidential and she must not tell anyone who,what she had seen when she came. She seemed thrilled at the idea that she could even tell her parents not to ask questions and her mothers feedback was that after 2 weeks she felt her had suddenly ‘grown up’ and she herself was determined to become a doctor despite doing my best to tell her all the disadvantages. Indeed, she went to UCL medical school and during her studies returned on several occasions to work in the surgery including being our first phlebotomist. She qualified and is now a senior registrar in medicine and next weekend she has asked me to attend her wedding as she feels that the experience at the surgery 14 years ago set her path for the future and her invitation is a way of saying ‘thank you’ so I shall look forward to this with great pleasure.
Since then each year we have had various students and several have gone on to medical school or found it a useful experience.
imageOur present work experience student is also hoping to study medicine and I have been impressed with her enthusiasm to see all aspects of the practise and ask plenty of questions to discover what goes on behind the scenes. She is a student from the Alec Reed Academy Year 10  and she wrote this statement for our blog:-
I was warmly welcomed into the surgery by all members of staff on Monday 15th July when I started my work experience at the Avenue Surgery. During the work experience I learnt a lot just by being in reception . With the help of the receptionists: Tega,Liz,Paramjit,Madhu,Debbie and Margaret have managed to understand that the reception work is a lot more than I thought. I witnessed their hard work in talking to patients, booking appointments, talking to the patients on the phone, making up new files,faxing papers and doing photocopying. To be honest, despite the sta ff having a lot to do each day everyone managed to answer all the queries I had and showed me around the surgery. They spared some time and showed me how to do certain jobs. Therefore,I would like to thank all the staff members at the reception for helping me out.

Not only that,nurse Mary had also managed to give me some time and explained her role at the surgery. She gave me an insight to all the different roles she had inside this surgery. She shared all her past experiences with me and told me a bit about herself aswell. This helped me as it gave me all the information that I might have not found on the computer or on google regarding what Nurse Mary does at The Avenue Surgery.

On top that Dr Bayer spent time discussing medicine with me. She told me about political issues associated with medicine. She taught me how the system of medicine works and the way a GP works. She also taught me how become a specialist doctor and how to become a GP. She took a small interview with me and gave me detailed responses on how to react to questions that I might be asked in future interviews.

Lastly , Sangeeta (the practise manager) had helped me a lot because she gave her approval and allowed me to work in the surgery. She allowed me to attend the Practise meeting. She completed the forms given by my school on time and provided me with an amazing team to work with.

I would like to thank all the members of staff who have helped me throughout my work experience and given me some of the amazing facts and information into work experience.
Thank you all

SP is going off next week to India to work in a clinic as a volunteer and hopefully report back to us. We wish her well.


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