Have you seen the Dragons in the surgery garden?

18 Jul

Don’t worry I haven’t lost the plot – read on

Many people have talked about fairies at the bottom of the garden but I want to tell you about the dragons at the bottom of the surgery garden. You may be surprised at my letting out this long guarded secret but I felt it was time to let the secret out! They are very friendly and the young dragons often play with fox cubs and cats from next door. I have to say they only come out when all the patients and infact all the staff have gone home. I hadn’t told anyone and poor Dr Livingston got such a shock when they appeared one night when she was busy working after surgery had finished. I think she thought she was back in Wales as there are so many there but they are red and talk Welsh. The dragons in the garden are green and you can easily miss them.
I first came across red dragons in Wales : they are so important that the flag of Wales (Cymru) is a red dragon!!! ( Y Ddraig Goch) and has been for many years ( 1,184 years to be precise) ever since the red dragon conquered the white dragon .


The story as written by Nennius a monk tells how young boy visited and revealed to King Vortigern, last of the Celtic kings of Britain that he had seen two serpents, one white and one red, who had been hidden deep underground fighting with fierce shrieking until finally the red one summoned his strength and drove the white one away.
The story is then explained by the mysterious child: “the two serpents are two dragons; the red serpent is your dragon, but the white serpent is the dragon of the people who occupy several provinces and districts of Britain, even almost from sea to sea: at length, however, our people shall rise and drive away the Saxon race from beyond the sea, whence they originally came.” The King then left North Wales where this event took place and built a castle in the South (on the Welsh/English border ) it was thought to be Caerwent, in Monmouthshire now part of Gwent.

It’s interesting that in February 2003 during his enthronement at Canterbury Cathedral Archbishop Rowan Williams ( a welshman from Monmouth wore hand-woven gold silk robes bearing a gold and silver clasp that showed the white dragon of England and the red dragon of Wales to symbolise the peace between the two countries.

The red dragons are very friendly now but do tend to breathe more fire if England is playing rugby against Wales!!


Story strictly for children ( adults can only read under child guidance)

Here’s a picture of the family in the garden. If you can’t see them because of their green colour ask a 3/4 year old because they always manage to find them and some children have seen blue and purple ones aswell!
The family of dragons that live in the garden are Denis(means friendly) who is 5 years of age, his mother Daphne(because she was born under the laurel tree) and father Derek ( meaning ruler) and Dolcie ( means sweet one)who is just 6 months. I don’t know how they ended up living in the surgery garden but they do have a slightly Irish accent and they are green so perhaps Liz or Mary the nurse had something to do with it!
Also Derek’s brother is called Declan…..makes you wonder!

The Day Denis Dragon couldn’t breathe fire.

One evening last week when the sun was shining I was busily working and I suddenly heard a tap at the window. At first I thought it was the cat at the door miaowing for milk but when I  looked up I saw Denis Dragon looking very sad. I thought he had probably kicked his ball over the wall whilst playing with the cat and he wanted me to get it. I opened the doors to the garden and said , “What’s the matter Denis ?”
“Dr . Bayer I can’t br….br…. breathe fire.
It was poor Denis, he was wheezing (not the cat miaowing) and he was very breathless and no fire was coming from his mouth. That is very serious for a dragon because breathing fire is very important to heat their food and keep themselves warm and keep dangerous creatures away.
The next thing his mother Daphne was scampering up the garden and looking very worried.
“Come inside both of you and don’t worry Denis I have a special steam machine which will make you better in no time and don’t be frightened because its a bit noisy. It sounds like Thomas the Tank Engine warming up before he trundles off to see Edward and Henry along the track.” I said

We walked slowly to the back room and I listened to Denis’s chest , counted his pulse on his wrist and how fast he was breathing and put a funny machine on his finger- it pinched a bit and the lights came on and numbers started appearing and I told Denis that I was measuring his Oxygen. It wasn’t long before I had set up the steam machine (adults call it a nebuliser)by squeezing some special medicine out of a tiny plastic bottle into a into a little cup and connecting by a tube to the machine. “Are you sitting comfortably,Denis?” I said and Denis shuffled a bit and held his mummy’s claw. I put the mask over his nose and mouth (a special one as dragons have big noses) and I switched the machine on. His mummy stayed with him all the time and as the steam puffed out Denis slowly felt much better and after we stopped the machine after about 5 minutes Denis was so happy to be feeling better that he gave a huge puff of fire so much that my tea nearly boiled out of the mug!

Here is a picture of a little boy on a nebuliser


” Now Denis that’s not the end of story, because your mummy has told me that for a little while she has noticed that you have been getting more and more tired, the fire you have been blowing has been getting less and less and at night you have been coughing all the time . It has been worse since the trees and flowers have been in flower showering out pollen. Also she noticed that when you were racing with the cat and fox cubs that you were nearly always last and were not wanting to play with them anymore. I think you have got something called asthma.
Human being children come to the surgery with this all the time and when we give them special medicine which they have to breathe in they get better and can play happily with their friends and start running as fast as their friends again and for young dragons they can breathe fire more easily.
The breathing medicines are called inhalers, because breathing in is called inhaling and the one I will give you is a blue one: it is called Ventolin and is called a reliever because it makes you better.
You must be very senlsible and never play games squirting it in the air and you don’t have to try it out first just shake it and you will hear the liquid in it swishing about.
It is very important that you use these inhalers whenever your chest feels tight and you need to give one to your teacher in case you start wheezing in school and remember to take it with you when you go out anywhere.

This only relieves you for a short while and at this time of the year your chest will easily get tight so I think it is a good idea to take something to prevent or stop you getting wheezy.
Guess what we can give you another inhaler to do this and what do you think it’s a called? ”
Denis thought for a while , “is it a stopper?” said Denis.
Not quite I said. Try again, I said it prevents wheezing that’s a clue.
“I know it’s a preventer” shouted out Denis nearly singeing my hair with the fire he breathed out in excitement.
You must take this in the morning before school and when you get home in the evening.
There is just one thing I must show you with before I teach you to use the inhaler. When children including dragon children try to breathe in with the inhaler it is so hard a bit like when you were a baby and it was hard to drink out of a cup so we have special thing called an aerochamber and this makes it much easier. When you use the aerochamber your breathing will be much better and mummy will be very happy to see you much better and will give an extra special bear hug.
Infact here are the instructions shown by a friendly bear. I think dragon children like teddy bears to cuddle aswell!
Click on link……


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2 responses to “Have you seen the Dragons in the surgery garden?

  1. Julian Galpin (@GalpinJulian)

    July 18, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    Dr Bayer,
    I am afraid that I am getting rather hooked on your blogs, and may soon need to see you or Dr Livingstone about treatment for this unfortunate addiction. But what I really want to know is how you find time to be a part-time GP and write all these blogs, whilst flitting between your two homes???
    Best Wishes,
    Julian Galpin

    • 102theavnuesurgery

      September 1, 2013 at 10:32 pm

      Julian Galpin
      A late reply to your comment, but writing blogs is a good way of passing the time on train journeys and on waking to hear the dawn chorus (of birds as opposed to the sound of emergency service sirens in Ealing!)
      Thank you for your interest and encouragement.
      Kind regards
      Jacqueline Bayer


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