Do you know what’s going on in your community?

03 Jul

imageBeing part of a community and knowing how to find your way around is vital when you come to live in a new area. Many people often feel isolated and don’t know how to start settling in, where to meet people and know how to find all the services they need. This can so easily lead to feeling lonely, depressed and anxious to socialise. That is why I feel it is so important to give a link to what’s happening around us and it may be appropriate for someone reading this to become more involved but at least be aware of what is going on and feel part of the community.

West Ealing has an excellent library reopened in September 2009 following a major refurbishment. It has two state of the art self-service terminals enabling you to borrow and return items without having to queue. It has a wide selection of DVDs, audio books in different languages.

It also has e devoted areas for adults, teenagers and children, all with their own selection of books, study space and personal computer terminals. West Ealing Library is also home to the Mobile and Housebound Library Service.
It is conveniently situated opposite Sainsbury supermarket off the High Street on Melbourne Avenue, Ealing, London W13 9BT
Tel: (020) 8825 7294.
Open: Tues and Thurs 9am-6pm, Wed, Fri and Sat 9am-5pm.
To find ou more click on the link below:-

Saturday morning has quite a buzz as people frequent the Farmers Market and it was whist visiting this I was made aware of the West Ealing Neighbours Organisation as they had a stand.
For four hours every Saturday 9am -1pm, Leeland Road in Ealing is closed to traffic and transformed into a bustling marketplace where fresh farm produce is the order of the day. I am a great fan and I always go when I can…
Look out for Ixhill Farm’s stall, which sells everything from the farm’s top-quality beef and lamb to farm-shot rook and squirrel! Also, it’s worth looking out for Malcolm Stone’s heritage apples, which are now almost an institution – he grows everything from Egremont Russets to the illustriously named Peasgood Nonsuch.

Moreover, to really find out what’s going on make contact with

WEN exists to try and improve the quality of life for West Ealing residents, workers and visitors. Membership is free and available to anyone in the West Ealing community, irrespective of background, race, ethnicity, nationality, sex orientation, political orientation or gender.
WEN was formed in November 2005. The group is run by volunteer local residents, who are elected annually by WEN members.

If you’ve got information to impart, news to print, Events to publicise, documents to share, or are keen to do a guest blog, then please let us know at

Tel: 020 7099 9036
Web Site:
Postal Address: 32, Regina Road, London W13 9EF

Congratulations to West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum (WECNF) which was formally designated by the council last month. WECNF will now work on presenting a detailed 15-year spatial plan for the centre of West Ealing which could affect all our lives. It will be a plan that comes from the people who work and live in the centre of West Ealing: that’s unpaid volunteers who care deeply and personally about the space we all share. West Ealing Neighbours looks forward to working with WECNF whenever appropriate.

I think the next few years are crucial for West Ealing. It feels as if the impacts of the regeneration of the Green Man Lane and Sherwood Close Estates, along with Crossrail, are starting to change the shape of the centre of West Ealing. At this key moment it is essential that the voices of local people and local businesses are heard. The big developers are well able to make themselves heard. WECNF can play a vital role over the next five years to ensure that the impact of these and other developments enhance the lives of everyone not just a few.

West Ealing Neighbours encourages all its members to get involved in the Forum as it needs plenty of help to research and write this detailed spatial plan. Details of their meetings and how to contact them can be found on their website .
Having only recently found out about this impressive, voluntary initiative I wonder where I have been all these years and as there are so many changes taking place I feel that is very important we all at least visit the website to remain informed about what is happening under our nose rather than remain bemused or criticise when it’s too late!

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