22 Jun
Yesterday a patient came into surgery and said “I am a bit worried about my mum , when I came home from work she seemed a bit confused and she was getting her words wrong she kept saying to my dad  to come and get his ice- cream when she meant to say dinner and called the cat a car. She was otherwise OK and before I went to work she wasn’t like that”
I  knew this patient had high risk factors for a stroke and infact had seen her earlier in the week so I knew this was something to act on and

Although her speech was not slurred she had a sudden change in being able to speak normally and it is the SUDDEN onset of change that is important.
Medical students posted this poster in the surgery and then after a week asked attending patients if they had seen a poster or new how to recognise a stroke and very few knew!
By recognising the signs and getting them to hospital as soon as possible can be extremely beneficial to the patients.When you call an ambulance in West London and tell them what you have witnessed or it is happening to you they know that they must take you to either Northwick Park Hospital or Charing Cross Hospital as these are the designated hospitals with a specialised Stroke unit and are equipped to act fast and administer specialised intensive aftercare.

However if the symptoms are transient and there is a recovery within 24hrs then it is still important to get an urgent appointment or in the case of 102theavenue surgery there is walk in surgery each morning or the receptionist would fit a patient in to a later appointment surgery. If surgery is closed there are walk in clinics or phone 111 for an urgent appointment in the nearest Urgent Care Clinic.
If you want to know more about stroke and what happens physiologically use the links or watch the video below:-


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